Japanese chisels or ‘Nomi’ are constructed on the same principles as the Japanese hand plane. There is a hard iron (Hagane) attached to a softer one (Jigane). The hagane forms the cutting edge of the chisels which is typically made of high carbon iron enabling super sharp edges. The Jigane adds volume and strength as well as shock absorption to the tool.

There are two main types of Nomi:   

The oire nomi which is the most common type of Japanese chisel. The name literally means rabbeting chisel.

The shinogi nomi which has beveled edges for making dovetail joints.

Unsurpassed sharpness

The cutting edge made of high-quality carbon steel that provides top sharpness and edge retention. Sharpening is much less necessary than with conventional chisels.

Unique workmanship and durability

All Nomi in the shop are unique pieces, made by hand, using high-quality materials and far superior to western processing quality.

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