Oire Nomi Suminagashi Chisels, set of 6


Oire Nomi Suminagashi Chisels, set of 6

These chisels are made of blue steel by Japanese blacksmith specialists in the Sanjo region in Japan.

The Damascus iron is a traditional method to provide tools (and swords before that) with the best combination of hardness (making the iron shock resistant and able to keep an edge for long) and plasticity (making the irons easy to get a super sharp edge in the first place)

Traditional red oak handles
Overall length: 220 mm
Blade length: 60 mm


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The high carbon-steel edge ensures perfect sharpness and precision and is backed by a softer iron body – a perfect shock absorber.

For a quick intro into Japanese chisels, head to: http://labois.com/en/woodworking/japanese-chisels-oire-nomi-other-types-part-2

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Japanese chisel


6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 mm


Oire Nomi Suminagashi


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