Oire Nomi Japanese Chisels, set of 4


Oire Nomi Japanese chisels

The traditional Japanese chisel. Excellent for fine woodworking with their special steel that takes the traditional Japanese sword and knife-making techniques to create the sharpest edge. A pleasure to work with.

Hand-forged 2-layer steel, red oak handle, trimmed and pre-sharpened on the back.

Oire Nomi Set of 4
6, 12, 18, 24 mm

Traditional red oak handles
Overall length: 220 mm
Blade length: 60 mm


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Oire Nomi are the ‘classic’, most popular chisels. A good option to get started with Japanese chisels.

For a quick intro into Japanese chisels, head to: http://labois.com/en/woodworking/japanese-chisels-oire-nomi-other-types-part-2


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Japanese chisel


6, 12, 18, 24 mm


Oire Nomi


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