Woodworking Classes


Do you want to learn a new craft or acquire a new creative hobby? Are you a complete beginner that wants to get into woodworking but don’t know where to start? Do you lack a space and tools to do your woodworking? Are you keen to learn to make things with your hands in a social environment?

We offer a number of woodworking classes and courses to suit specific needs. See below for details.

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PLEASE NOTE AT THE MOMENT THERE IS NO CLASSES AVAILABLE. Feel free however to leave your details through the contact form so we can email you once classes resume. Thanks!

The Woodworking Club Woodworking Classes


The Woodworking Club, introduction to woodworking


Level: beginner

Duration: 3 hrs (1 x weekday, 16.30 – 19.30 hrs)

For those who want to get into woodworking, but want first get a feel for what it is. You will learn some of the fundamentals of woodworking with hand tools (power tools and machines are easy if you know your hand tools): how to select wood for the project, where to start cutting and planing, learn to ‘read the wood’, shaping your piece one shaving at a time, and some basics on wood finishing (e.g. what type of oil is best?). At the end of the 3 hrs you will have completed a simple project (e.g. a small chopping board) and will have gained a good feel for what woodworking is.

Woodworking classes in Copenhagen, Denmark


Level: beginner

Duration: 2 days (Sat-Sun or 2 x Tue, 9-16 hrs) OR 4 x weekday evenings (e.g. 4 x Friday, 17-20 hrs)

For those who want to get into woodworking and want to acquire the right technique from the start. The weekend courses are intensive, hands-on and held in small groups. The course includes the basics of woodworking with focus on hand tools. Learn how to plane, saw and do basic joinery – properly, at millimetre-level accuracy. By the end of the weekend you would have gained substantial basic skills, a good feel for what woodworking and cabinet-making is. Whether you just want to learn a new hobby or have the ambition to become a high-end furniture maker, the skills gained through this course will be your corner stone (mitre joint?). Also, at the end of the course you will have completed your first project (e.g. a trivet or a picture frame, your first joinery work).

Woodworking courses


Level: beginner and intermediate

Duration: 5 days (Mon-Fri OR Wed-Sun, 9-16 hrs)

For beginners. A course to get you deeper into the world of woodworking. Spend 5 full days immersing yourself in the fundamentals of working with wood and hand tools. Based on making a box, the course goes broader and deeper into dimensioning wood (how to get a dead squared, right-sized piece), cutting (what saw is best for the kind of cut?), selecting the right joint (dovetail or splined mitre?) and making a joint that fits right and tight. You will also learn about gluing up and finishing wood (oil, lacquer, spirit stains?). The course takes you through the whole process of woodworking, from initial sizing through to joining and finishing – the same process that you would follow in more advanced projects.

Intermediate. For those that have already some experience in cabinet making that are looking to improve or learn something new, the week-long course will involve more advanced joints (e.g. mitred dovetail) or make curved surfaces. The content will depend on students’ level and preferences. The type of project developed during this course can include a more advanced box or a drawer.

The Woodworking Club Dovetails Obsession


Level: beginner and intermediate

Duration: 1 day (Thursdays, 11-16 hrs) OR 2 x weekday evenings (2 x Thursday or Friday, 17-19.30 hrs)

Dovetails are one of the most popular joints among woodworkers. The reason being that dovetails are both visually attractive and very strong. This combination makes them perfectly suitable for things like high-end cabinet drawers, jewellery boxes.

In this class, you will learn the technique to make dovetails by hand. You will learn the whole process: from defining the proportions and marking the tails and pins, through to sawing and chopping off the wood to the right accuracy so that the dovetails fit tight and look amazing. 

The Woodworking Club Woodworking Classes


Level: Beginner and intermediate

Duration: 10 weeks, 3 hrs one-to-one session per week + access to workshop

A course designed for those that want to get into woodworking having personal guidance along the way. The course runs through 10 weeks, with face-to-face classes once a week and access to the workshop at all other times. This allows you to learn the right technique from the start, whilst giving you time to digest your new knowledge and a space to practice your newly acquired skills at times that suit you. It also means you can make it fit easily into your life.

The course is based on completing a project (a box) which takes you through the core skills in woodworking: dimensioning stock, gauging, and marking techniques, planing, sawing and your first joinery work. All performed at millimetre level accuracy that is required to make a jointed box fit perfectly straight, square and tight. Sounds easy but can be a formidable (and rewarding) challenge. A box is chosen for this course because it captures all fundamental techniques that you will use in virtually every other project, giving you the perfect platform to continue building upon.

The 10-week course can also be adapted, for example, if you have some experience already, or have a project in mind. Get in touch to discuss.

Special woodworking classes

For those that have already completed one or more of the other courses and are ready to take the next steps.

Programmes of 1 to 12 months are available to dive deeper into the various cabinet making techniques.

Courses are tailored to the specific needs of the student.

Teambuilding? we have you covered. Get in touch for more details

FAQ about the classes

I am a complete beginner, can I join a course?
Yes. Most of the courses are indeed designed for complete beginners. In many cases, having no previous experience is an asset so you can learn the right technique from the start.
What do I need to bring?
We provide all the materials and tools. You might want to bring a notepad to take notes.
Who can join?
Everyone is welcome. You must be older than 16, however.
Are the courses in English?
Yes. The courses are taught in English.