Start creating amazing things with your hands
The Woodworking Club

We provide all you need to start: the courses, the space, the tools, the community

We offer a variety of courses for the beginner woodworker. Courses are open to everyone.

For members, we also provide access to a fully equipped workshop so you can work on your projects whenever you want. Members can also access our knowledge library including books, project plans, personal advice and more.

In the store, you can find a selection of tools that we like and we use. You can buy online or in the shop in Copenhagen.


Should you have any questions about the courses, the workshop, the membership or the products, please send us a message here.

Ilkka Lähdesmäki
13. August, 2021.
Great customer service and super fast shipping!
Phillip Huber
5. August, 2021.
Great service on my saw order! The order was done strictly through the internet and email correspondence. Responses were prompt and kept need informed of where my order was in the process. Even with my Japanese Saw coming across "the pond," I had it in little overa week from the time I ordered it. Great customer service and exactly what I ordered. Better yet, I got to support the Club.
Pam Liu
17. June, 2021.
Great workshop if you would like to get into wood as a craft, not so much if you would like to build furniture out of this.I did the basics of wood working over the weekend, 0900-1600 on both Sat and Sun. The first day was spent on planing, second day was spent on then sawing and chiseling. End result was a cross trivet.The weekend workshop is not action-packed and not about walking away ready to make a birdhouse or table. It is a great introduction to reading wood and getting into milimeter precision of cutting wood with manual hand tools, and appreciating the (slow) process and art of wood working.
Andrew Schork
7. June, 2021.
Excellent class and a really cool idea for a club. Omar is super knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely recommend to anyone curious!
Sandra Klass
24. May, 2021.
5 day beginners course I took a 5 day beginners course. Although I have a little woodworking experience, I felt the course was not dumbed-down at all. It was also amazing to have one on one attention, guidance and advice every step of the way. It was tough but I learnt so much. Highly recommended.
Marco Grattarola
23. March, 2021.
Good experience Quality tools, nice prices, excellent communication.
George Dekermenjian
3. March, 2021.
Excellent service prompt replies and…5 stars Excellent service prompt replies and great selection of products.
simon birktoft
3. March, 2021.
Outstanding service and guidance! Good prices and quality products all the way. I will definitely buy from this place in the future.
Alexander J.
22. February, 2021.
Any time again! I appreciated the service a lot. Great flexibility, good communication. For example: at the checkout I realized, that none of the payment methods were applicable to me (Germany), but other options were provided very quickly. The package was dispatched just shortly after the payment was received (I chose bank transfer). The tools were packaged well, so everything arrived in good condition. (Bought a plane and a few marking and measurement tools).Since I am new to woodworking, I appreciated the tips on how to keep the plane in good condition.Would recommend 10/10.
Eduardo Garcia
8. February, 2021.
Buena atencion, buenos precios y buen servicio.