Why woodworking?

There are many reasons to get into woodworking. The fact that is a fun hobby, and its very good for your health as it can be a very social activity and it is great to help us keep physically active. However, perhaps the most important reason to get into woodworking (and other crafts), is the skills that it nurtures with every woodworking project: creativity, design thinking, problem solving skills.

In the age of artificial intelligence and ubiquitous automation, these skills are more important than ever; and the reason why more and more people are getting into woodworking.

Woodworking has been part of human development for centuries

Woodworking has been a human activity for centuries. Very old depictions have been found in Egypt of carpenters working with quite sophisticated tools.

Woodworking has since then flourished around the world. Denmark, for example, has a long tradition of fine furniture making with the likes of Kaare Klint, Børge Mogensen and Hans Wegner, who brought Denmark to the forefront of global furniture design and craftmanship.

8 reasons to get into woodworking these days

It is fun

Woodworking involves many of the things we humans love: designing something unique, transforming materials with specialist tools, creative thinking and problem solving. It cannot get any more complete as an activity.

It is mindful

When you get to your workshop, it is you, your tools, and a piece of wood. There is nothing more mindful than planning a piece of wood by hand, shaving one sliver of wood at a time. And see it transform into something unique. Yes, each piece of wood is unique and will become more so as you work it.

It is challenging and empowering. And, in turn, rewarding 

When you are starting a new woodworking project, it is up to you to decide what the outcome will be. You are in charge. And there is no right or wrong. It is about what you want to achieve. It is so rewarding to work with your hands, working on your own designs, fix errors even if they seem daunting at first, and get to the point where you have a finished project that looks and feels good, and you did it with your own hands!

It is proven to be good for your physical and mental health

Research by University College London shows that crafts can reduce anxiety and stress, and reduce risks of dementia. Also, at times when we spend more time seating in front of a computer or in meeting rooms, woodworking, especially when using hand tools, can be a way to stay physically active and mentally stimulated.

It is good for the environment

Wood is a renewable resource that grows out of pulling CO2 out of the environment. Wood is a perfect replacement for more energy-consuming and CO2 emitting materials like plastics and concrete. Indeed, one cubic meter of wood produced saves the planet 2 tons of CO2. Perhaps this is the reason more city planners are rediscovering wood as the best building material.



The tools are just gorgeous 

Just look at those pictures


Its tangible and shareable

Unlike spreadsheets and other things we do in the office, woodworking projects are there for you and your family to see, feel and enjoy. You can make good quality furniture or decorations that are unique and that will last forever. And that will be enjoyed by you and those around you, perhaps for generations.

And it is for everyone.

Men, women, children and even famous dolls

Why woodworking (in the words of others)?

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