Narex Japanese-style dovetail chisels

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Narex Japanese-style dovetail chisels

These dovetail chisels are based on Japanese chisel style, with hollow backs and triangular shapes.

The chisels are designed specifically for dovetail and fine joinery work. The very thin edges and triangular shape enable the chisels to easily fit into the very tight corners in dovetails. The hollow back reduces friction whilst working and makes flattening easier and quicker.

The steel (Cr-Mn) of the chisels is hardened to 59Rc, making them very easy to sharpen, comparably to O1 steel. The chisels are available in the 3 most common sizes: 6, 13 and 19 mm.

The handles are of good size and ergonomic, making them particularly comfortable to work with.

Key features

  • Cr-Mn steel, hardened to 59Rc
  • Blades with hollow backs and triangular shape
  • Dark stained beech good-sized handles

34 37

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Narex has a very long history of high-quality tools that perform exceptionally well whilst being inexpensive. These chisels are designed specifically for dovetail making and are particularly good performers and good value. The blades are easy to sharpen due to the material and hardness they are made of, which is particularly useful for joinery work, where working with sharp tools is vital.

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6 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm