Timber for Woodworking Project: cross halving trivet

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Timber for Woodworking Project: cross halving trivet

About the project

The ‘cross halving trivet’ is a must-do project for any beginner woodworker. The project introduces you to the world of woodworking joints. It involves creating a ‘half-lap joint’ to create a cross. Although it looks simple, it can be challenging to create a nice and tight joint, which is what you want in woodworking- this is the same principles used for making joints for chairs, cabinets, and other pieces.

The package always includes enough wood and finishing oil to complete the project. If you think you are likely to need more due to potential mistakes we recommend you order two packs.

Materials included

  • Planed blanks of oak or walnut
  • Hard wax oil
  • Materials list (PDF)
  • Cutting list (PDF)

To complete the project we recommend the tutorial(s) below.

35 45

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Video tutorial

Additional information

Wood type

Walnut, Oak