Luban hand planes set of 4 for beginners


Luban hand planes set of 4 for beginners

A selection of hand planes for those who are starting their woodworking journey. This high-quality set covers most, if not all, planning needs in the workshop – ensuring the beginner woodworker starts on the right foot and enjoys every moment in the workshop. It is the perfect gift for one self or a loved one.

The set includes:


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About Luban

The Luban brand is manufactured by the Qiangsheng Tool Company, also known as Quangsheng, who are well known for producing very high-quality tools (including the well-regarded Wood River).

Since its market debut, the Luban brand has created a stir with its wonderful combination of high-quality products (at par with established premium brands) and affordable prices.

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with Luban No 5 Jack plane, with Luban No 62 low angle jack plane