Timber for Woodworking Project: Japanese toolbox


Timber for Woodworking Project: Japanese toolbox

About the project

The Japanese toolbox project is inspired by the old toolboxes made by Japanese woodworkers (much larger than this one) to, well, carry their tools. It is a challenging project that covers all the basic woodworking skills, care and acute precision. Box making is an essential step for any woodworker.

The package always includes enough wood and finishing oil to complete the project incl. 10-20% extra to allow for minor mistakes.

Materials included

  • Rough cut* walnut (main body)
  • Rough cut* oak or ash or elm (inserts, depending on availability)
  • Hard wax oil
  • Materials list (PDF)
  • Cutting list (PDF)

*NB. You will need to cut and plane to size. The recommended tutorials may use different wood combinations.

To complete the project we recommend the tutorial(s) below.


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