Timber for Woodworking Project: Pencil box


Timber for Woodworking Project: Pencil box

About the project

This is a small project in size but great in the skills it tests and the precision needed to create a well-fitting box. Made with walnut all-round means the making process is a joy and the final product is a beautiful piece. This is a project that encapsulates all the basic skills of cabinet-making, at a small scale. Perfect project for the beginner woodworker.

The package always includes enough wood and finishing oil to complete the project incl. 10-20% extra to allow for minor mistakes.

Materials included

  • Rough-cut* walnut
  • Toothpicks
  • Hard wax oil
  • Materials list (pdf)
  • Cutting list (pdf)

*NB. You will need to cut and plane to size. The recommended tutorials may use different wood combinations.

To complete the project we recommend the tutorial(s) below.


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