Narex premium cabinet scrapers, set of 3

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Narex premium cabinet scrapers, set of 3

Cabinet maker scrapers are essential tools for any woodworker. They are used to smoothen surfaces, almost as a replacement of (and certainly as a complement to) a smoothing plane. They can also be used for working small problem areas on a work piece where the grain is difficult, and a plane might find it awkward to handle.

These Narex premium scrapers come in a set of 3 pieces: one rectangular, one gooseneck and one concave/convex combo. With these 3 pieces, you can deal with virtually any share and any workpiece. Scrapers are effective, easy to use, low cost and very portable. Unfortunately, often overlooked.

Key features

  • High-carbon steel
  • Hardened, polished surface
  • 3 pieces
  • 3 shapes: rectangle, gooseneck, concave/convex

Original price was: €17.Current price is: €14.

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Narex has a very long history of high-quality tools that perform exceptionally well whilst staying inexpensive. These scrapers are inexpensive and vital tools in any woodworker’s toolbox, even though many woodworkers, in particular beginners, often overlook them.

To learn more about cabinet scrapers (aka card scrapers) check out the brief tutorial below:

Additional information

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Product type

Cabinet card scrapers

Shapes included

Rectangular, gooseneck, hollow