Qiangsheng Luban Low Angle Block Plane with adjustable mouth

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Qiangsheng Luban Low Angle Block Plane with adjustable mouth

The Qiangsheng Luban Low Angle Block Plane has a low angle bed for the blade to allow clean cuts on end-grain. It also has an adjustable mouth to regulate aggressiveness in cutting depending on the job and the wood being used.

It is based on the Stanley #18 design from the late 19th century with its familiar ‘knuckle joint’ cap. The accurate grounding of sole and wings, together with the applied stress-relieving treatment, makes it extremely accurate when planning – which is what you expect in a high-quality plane.

Key features

  • Size: L 160 mm x W 45 mm x H 63 mm
  • Precision ground body with remarkably flat sole and square wings
  • Blade material: T10 high carbon steel hardened to RC63
  • Blade thickness: 3 mm
  • Blade bevel angle: 25 degrees
  • Iron bedded at 12 degrees
  • Cap: ‘knuckle joint’ bronze cap
  • Weight: 860 gr

93 110

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What is the standard angle block plane used for?

They can be used for planning and squaring the edges of boards, leaving a smooth surface. They can also be used to bevel board edges and doing spot work.

With the help of a small shooting board, it can be a very handy tool for finishing end-grain on smaller pieces.

You can find a quick primer into block planes here.

The Luban brand is manufactured by the Qiangsheng Tool Company, also known as Quangsheng, who are well known for producing very high-quality tools (including the well-regarded Wood River).

Since its market debut, the Luban brand has created a stir with its wonderful combination of high-quality products (at par with established premium brands) and affordable prices.

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Qiangsheng Luban


Low Angle Block Plane with adjustable mouth


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