SUIZAN Ryoba Saw 240 mm

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SUIZAN Ryoba Saw 240 mm

The SUIZAN Ryoba saw is one of the most essential and valuable tools in the workshop. The saws have been made and perfected for over 100 years by Japanese master craftsmen in the Sanjō area in Niigata, Japan. The saw cuts on the pull stroke which makes sawing easier, particularly for beginners.

38 59


The Suizan Ryoba saw has 2 blades with different pitch each: one at 9 TPI for rip cutting (fast cutting along the grain) and the other one at 15 TPI for finer (cross-cutting) work.

The handle is wrapped with traditional rattan cane which is super durable.

Key features

  • Two saws in one
  • Two blades, one for rip- and one for cross-cut
  • Teeth per inch: 9 & 15 TPI
  • Blade / overall length: 240 mm / 600 mm
  • Cuts hardwood, softwood, MDF, OSB
  • Handle: traditional rattan cane
  • Replaceable blade without tools

Additional information




Japanese Ryoba saw

Blade length

240 mm