Narex Brass Mallet


Narex Brass Mallet

The Narex bras mallet is a little gem. It is the perfect tool for working with the precision needed in detail work, be it joinery or detail carving.

The mallet is as heavy as many wooden mallets, but it is more compact and easier to handle. The heavy brass head does not bounce back, so all the energy put into the blow is used. Just a few taps and the last half millimetre of material is off.

It takes little space (perfect for the travelling toolbox) and looks gorgeous with its brass head and darkened hornbeam handle.

Key features

  • Brass
  • Robust yet compact and easy to handle
  • Great for precision work
  • Dark stained hornbeam handles
  • Brass head with safety pin


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Narex has a long history of making high-quality tools that perform exceptionally well, without a high price tag. This brass mallet is particularly good performers and good value. The balance between size, weight and shape, makes them perfect for detail work.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions17 × 4 × 4 cm
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40 mm (head diameter), 36 x 118 mm (handle)