PIHER T-track quick clamps

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PIHER T-track quick clamps, set of 2

The PIHER T-track quick clamps are light and designed for quick and precise clamping. The included plastic protectors mean your work piece will not get any marks. The clamping mechanism means you can very esasily and quickly clamp and unclamp. Operated with one hand, the clamps exert up to 60 kg of pressure which ensures your work piece will not move.

Compatible with T-track workbenches, rails and Shaper Origin Workstation.

Key features

  • Max Pressure: 60 kg
  • Flat heads to insert into 12x8mm slots
  • Sizes: 15 and 20 cm (max opening)
  • Nylon and fibreglass heads
  • Hardened carbon steel bar

48 53

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15 cm, 20 cm