Klemmsia Clamps (sets of 2)

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Klemmsia Clamps (sets of 2)

Perfect clamps for most holding and gluing work. The pressure the clamp jaws apply is enough to keep the piece of wood in place or a joint together, whilst never reaching excessive force that could damage the piece.

Their light weight makes them easy to handle and fully clamped pieces easy to carry.

  • Sturdy and reliable: made of tough hornbeam and galvanised steel bar
  • Lightweight: makes moving clamped work easy to carry
  • Secure grip: no slipping – particularly effective on round or thin edges
  • Proven: designed and made in Germany for the last 100 years
  • Various sizes to suit virtually all needs
  • Clamping jaw reach: 110 mm

22 26

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With the cam lever system of these clamps, it is fast and easy to clamp wood, without ever applying excessive force. Furthermore, the corked jaws ensure there is never a risk of marking your work.

There is many different sizes to cater to all clamping needs, including various bar and jaw lengths.

The wooden jaws are very pleasing to the eye and look great in the workshop.


These clamps have distinct advantages you might not see at first glance. One is the unique clamping action that exerts direct pressure without the usual twisting torque that occurs through threaded clamping heads. On thin and delicate materials this type of clamp has unusual advantages via the applied energy of the lever cam. The other enjoyable feature of cam clamps, often called by a trade name, Klemmsia, is just how light they can be.Paul Sellers

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Clamping bar length

200mm, 250 mm, 400 mm, 700 mm, 1000 mm

Clamping jaw reach

110 mm, 150 mm, 195 mm


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