Piher framing and mitre steel band clamp


Piher framing and mitre steel band clamp

The Piher framing and mitre band clamp is sturdy tool for holding mitre joints at exactly 90 degrees in all four corners. It replaces four regular clamps with its four strong nylon angle grips and extra resistant steel band. It is easy to set up by simply releasing the steel band, position the corner grips and tighten to the right pressure. With its 5 meters of steel, it can easily adapt to many different sizes of frames and boxes.


Key features

  • Four clamps in one tool. Always accurate joints
  • Evenly distributed pressure
  • Extra resistant, tempered steel band CK67S
  • Smooth steel band edges
  • Nylon angle grips
  • Band length: 500 cm
  • Tool weight: 1 kg



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Weight 1 kg