PIHER Maxipress F (40 cm) Clamp


PIHER Maxipress F (40 cm) Clamp

The PIHER Maxipress F is the most solid clamp in the market, made to an exceptional specification. The distinctive screw design makes glueing much more precise than with traditional clamps. This is because the pressure jaw does not turn, it only move up/down, thus avoiding the frequent problem of boards moving as the screw turns.

Moreover,b ecause the screw is fully covered, preventing contamination in the thread, it increases the lifetime of the clamp several times fold. The remarkably thick bar makes the clamp incredibly strong that it never bends and ensures stable clamping.

The ergonomic handle, with its folding-lever mechanism, doubles the force applied at every turn, making tightening much easier than with straight, rotating handles. The handles can be easily replaced in case of breakage.

Key features

  • Jaw reach: 12 cm
  • Maximum opening: 40 cm
  • Piston system with no torsion
  • Covered screw fine thread for very long life
  • Ergonomic and interchangeable, articulating handle
  • Nonslip brake on moving jaw
  • Optional plastic caps for better surface protection


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