Narex Richter bevel-edge chisels

36 230

Narex Richter bevel-edge chisels

The Narex Richter chisels were launched only in 2019, to celebrate the centenary of the company. To mark such celebration, Narex put a lot of thought and effort into creating an exceptional chisel that stands tall together with more expensive premium brands.

The chisels are super thin on their sides, making them particularly capable when working with fine joinery (e.g. dovetails). The steel is cryogenically treated to lock in a very high hardness (62 HRc) that slices the hardest of woods with ease.  The soles are finely ground, polished and absolutely flat. The material mix makes it super easy to sharpen (similar to O1) whilst keeping a superb edge retention. Perfect balance and a very low maintenance tool.

Key features

  • High quality Cr-V steel
  • Cryogenically treated and tempered to at least 62 HRc
  • Particularly thin sides designed specifically for joinery work
  • Sanded and polished
  • Solid stainless-steel ferrule, leather washer
  • Good sized, comfortable handles

36 230

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Narex has a very long history of high-quality tools that perform exceptionally well whilst staying inexpensive. This new range of Richter chisels is a homage to the company’s father, Mr. Vaclav Richter, who in 1919 founded Narex. To celebrate 100 years, Narex launched the Richter range bringing all the best Narex can offer into one product range.

For a detailed assessment of how the Narex Richter chisels perform in comparison with other popular brands, see the videos below.

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3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, Set of all 6