SUIZAN Dozuki Dovetail Japanese Hand Saw 240mm

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SUIZAN Dozuki Dovetail Japanese Hand Saw 240mm

Made in Japan, the SUIZAN Dozuki Dovetail Hand Saw is a first-rate saw for joinery work, such as dovetails and tenons. With its 17 tpi and 0.3mm thickness, the saw blade leaves a think kerf of 0.5mm and a clean finish that cannot be replicated with western saws. The handle is made in the traditional Japanese style with cane rattan.

The blade is super sharp and easily replaced when no more. No need for blade sharpening nor special tools to replace the blade.

Key features

  • Blade made of Japanese steel
  • Replaceable blade without tools
  • Teeth per inch: 17 TPI
  • Thin blade: 0.3mm (0.012in)
  • Blade / overall length: 240 mm / 560 mm (9.5in / 22in)
  • Cuts hardwood, softwood, MDF, OSB
  • Handle: traditional rattan cane

42 63

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Dozuki / Dovetail


240mm / 9.5 in


Saw, Saw + spare blade