Japanese Sharpening Stones – Toishi-Ohishi

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Toishi – Ohishi Japanese Sharpening Stones

These Ohishi whetstones are top of the range in Japan and globally. They are 75 mm wide which is especially useful when honing plane or chisel blades, even sushi knives.

A especial feature of the Ohishi stones is that they do not to require to be soaked before use (apart from the 600 grit stone). This is because of their high density and makes it quicker and less messy to get sharpening.

The 1,000 grit will make up your secondary bevel and the 10,000 grit will produce a beautiful final polish.


  • Single grit stones 205 x 75 x 25mm
  • Combination stones 205 x 75 x 30mm

44 107

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It is not only the quality of Japanese tools that inspires experts – the quality of Japanese sharpening tools is also superb. In Japan, cutting steels such as chisels, planes, kiridashis, knives are exclusively honed on special Japanese water stones. We take pride in having the top products from the Ohishi brand. These whetstones are available in various grits up to 10,000, including some combination stones. Ohishi stones have unbeatable quality and efficiency.

Additional information

Product type

Sharpening stones


205 mm


75 mm


600, 1000, 6000, 10000, 1000/6000, 3000/8000, 6000/10000


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