Luban bevel-edge socket chisels, set of 4


Luban socket chisels, set of 4

If you favour socket chisels, these are perhaps the best quality chisels you can buy for a reasonable amount. The chisel design is based on the old Stanley socket chisels only improved with better steel and beautiful rosewood handles.

Key features

  • 100 CR-V Steel
  • Tempered in salt bath to HRC58-63
  • Blade lengths: 95-100 mm
  • Blade widths: 6, 13, 19, 25mm (1/4, ½, ¾, 1in)
  • Primary bevel angle of 25 degrees
  • Each chisels comes with its chisel guard to protect the cutting edge and your fingers


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More about the Luban Socket Chisels

The Luban socket chisels were presented to us in 2022 and as soon as we saw them we know we had to make them part of our product range. Having experience with many chisels, including the premium American brands, we can easily say that these give them a ‘very good run for their money’.

The attention to detail that went in developing these chisels is easily seen when you start using them. First, the bevel edge is very low to make them perfect for dovetail work, but still high enough so as to not being too sharp on your fingers. The angle of the bevels is just right for such joinery work. Then, when doing long pairing work, you will notice the transition designed at the end of the flat of the blade and into the socket which is slightly curved to avoid the chisel lifting. Clever.

The set includes a good mix of sizes to cover most work in the workshop. Other sizes will be made available soon for those that like fuller sets. Get in touch if you have a preference.

To read some independent reviews of the chisels, please see below.


About Luban products

The Luban brand is manufactured by the Qiangsheng Tool Company, also known as Quangsheng, who are well known for producing very high-quality tools (including the well-regarded Wood River).

Since its market debut, the Luban brand has created a stir with its wonderful combination of high-quality products (at par with established premium brands) and affordable prices.

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Bevel Edge Socket chisels

Sizes included

6, 13, 19, 25mm (1/4, ½, ¾, 1in)