PIHER QUICK MICRO clamps, set of 2


PIHER QUICK MICRO clamps, set of 2

The PIHER quick micro clamps are light, small and designed for precision in small work pieces. Operated with one hand, the clamps exert up to 25 kg of pressure which give them the right amount of force for joining delicate pieces (e.g. violin or model making), as well as larger workpieces where bigger clamps do not fit.

Light small clamp for quick clamping with one hand. Reversible, strong construction and protective caps make these small clamps essential for fine woodworking.


Key features

  • Jaw opening: 10 cm
  • Nylon and fibreglass jaws
  • Long jaws which create a larger holding surface
  • 8 x 3 mm Tempered carbon steel bar
  • Reversible
  • TPR Protection caps as standard (replaceable)


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