Narex premium screwdrivers set of 5


Narex premium screwdrivers set of 5

A set of premium screwdrivers for those that favour quality, ergonomics, and traditional aesthetics. The set includes a good mix of sizes and head type for most everyday needs. Each screwdriver has a nice wooden, ergonomic handle what makes tightening screws easy. When more force is needed, the hexagonal insert on the shaft can be used to apply more torque with a spanner making the removal of even the rustier screws effortless.

 Key features

  • Highly alloyed Cr-V steel
  • Through to the end of the handle
  • Chrome plated surface
  • Black finish in the working tip of the tools
  • Triangular cross section of the handles for both ergonomics and
  • Beech wood handles, stained and varnished
  • Suitable for transferring small impact


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 Type & Sizes included:

  • 3,0 x 75
  • 4,5 x 90
  • 5,5 x 100
  • PH1 x 80
  • PH2 x 100

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