Nakaya Dozuki Gold Saw 210 mm

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Nakaya Dozuki Gold Saw 210mm

Nakaya is one of the most outstanding saw makers in Japan. The Gold series have thinner and/or finer saw blades than regular saws. This makes them suitable for finer joinery work. The 210 is particularly good for working with smaller pieces such as boxes.

Douzuki saws have metal spines like those on western saws to add firmness to the blade. Due to their very thin blades and fine teeth filling, Dozukis are particularly suitable for fine joinery such as dovetails.

  • Blade length: 210 mm
  • Blade thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Handle length: 270 mm
  • Teeth pitch: 0.83 mm (30 tpi)

52 75

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Every saw blade is individually checked after production. The saw handle in these saws is optimised for greater stability and control. Furthermore, even higher quality steel is used to manufacture these saws. The manufacturer of these saws with replaceable blades is well-known in the Japanese market for its extraordinary quality.

Additional information

Product type

Saw, Saw + Spare Blade


210 mm

Blade tickness

0.2 mm


0.83 mm (30 tpi)


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