Steel Wool

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Steel Wool

Moulds to any shape. Comes in handy DIY packs. Ideal for stripping paint, removing wax polish, obtaining matt and satin finishes, plus removing rust and polishing metal.

Available in several grades. 150g boxes

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GRADE 0000+ Our finest grade of Steel Wool for use between coats of varnishes, paints and French polish.

GRADE 000 For dulling gloss finishes by rubbing with any good quality wax polish.

GRADE 0 For removing nibs from varnishes before re-coating.

GRADE 3 When removing coatings from wood that is to be re-finished with a clear varnish or lacquer, use Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper and remove as much as possible with a scraper. Damp the wood again with Strypit and rub with the grain with small pads, wiping afterwards with a clean rag and white spirit.

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