Shinwa Japanese steel rule with stop, 300 mm (metric)


Shinwa Japanese steel rule with stop

This Shinwa steel rule is an essential tool in the workshop. It carries a lot of useful features in a small package. Once you discover all these, you will not see the rule disappear from the workbench top.

The rule has millimetre markings etched on both edges. Once edge has full millimetres and the other one adds half-millimetre markings. Very useful for high precision work.

The graduations are highly visible in black and red, even in poor light. On the back there is a useful conversion chart (imperial-to-metric) and a tap drill chart.

The rule includes a sliding steel stop that can be used to measure and replicate a given dimension, to gauge and mark depth (like a marking gauge), or to help delineate lines at 90 degrees from an edge. It essentially makes the rule a much more versatile tool.


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It is easy to see the level of attention to detail that has gone in designing and manufacturing this Japanese rules.

Moreover, the rule is made to Japanese strict standards. It is JIS B7516 Grade 1 standard compliant.

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Weight 0,09 kg
Dimensions 34 × 2,5 cm





300 mm


Millimetre and half-millimetre (one on each edge)


Stainless steel with hard chrome finish