Shinwa Japanese square 50 cm, with 8 scales


Shinwa Japanese square 50 cm, with 8 scales

The Shinwa Carpenters Square is an essential tool for ensuring maximum accuracy in the workshop.

The square has millimetre markings deeply etched on both sides and all edges. This makes measuring easier since all sides can be used from a fixed position. The graduations are highly visible in black and red which makes reading easy even in weak light.

The square is made in Japan with an engineering-level tolerance of 0.1/100mm on its squareness and 0.2mm maximum tolerance along its length. It is JIS B7534 standard compliant and its extremely good for a square of this size/type.

Key features

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel square
  • Matte, anti-glare finish for good readability
  • Outer and inner scales have a different zero point that allows different measuring use cases
  • Engineering accuracy at a reasonable price
  • Flat profile for accurate measuring and knife making
  • Scales on both sides and on both inside and outside edges to allow multiple uses
  • Size: L 520/260mm x W 20mm x H 2mm
  • Weight: 240 gr


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How to make the most of the square?

The square primary use is to measure and scribe right angles with a trustworthy accuracy.

It is recommended to use the long side as anchor and the short side for marking or scribing. This allows for the whole 500 mm length to align against the reference side, this ensuring a 90 degree angle.

Additional information

Weight 0,24 kg
Dimensions 52 × 26 × 0,2 cm



Stainless Steel with anti-glare chrome finish


500 mm x 250 mm