Danish cord

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Danish cord

The original paper cord from west Denmark. The same used by the great Danish furniture houses. As such, it can be used for restoring vintage chairs or for Danish cord weaving in new designs.

In lengths of 125 meters (enough for one chair seat), 440 or 625 meters (c. 3-5 chair seats).

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Key features

  • Laced or unlaced
  • 3 mm (Unlaced) or 3.5mm (laced) diameter
  • Length: 125, 440 or 625 meters
  • Strong and comfortable to sit on
  • Waxed for smoothness and to prevent staining
  • Colour: natural/brown | black | white

49 170

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Danish cord is the only cord that has name and a nationality. The cord, known in Danish as ‘Papirsnor’, is a material that has been used for decades by Danish modern furniture makers such as Børge Mogensen, Hans Wegner (Wegner’s Wishbone Chairs), Finn Juhl, Kaare Klint, N.O. Møller (the famous Møller chairs) and others. Danish cord weaving was adopted by these Danish greats due to its strength and comfort, as well as the design freedom it provides in creating different patterns in Danish cord weaving.

Papirsnor is a great alternative to upholstery, which brings a timeless design to a new design or a refurbishing project.

It can be done by hand at home – It is a very therapeutic and often the start of a new hobby for many people. To get stared you will find some good resources below:

How to weave a chair seat with Danish Cord


Additional information

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FSC-certified paper


Unlaced 125 m (Brown), Unlaced 625 m (Brown), Unlaced 125m (Black), Unlaced 625 m (Black), Laced 440 m (Brown), Unlaced 625 m (White), Unlaced 125 m (White)