Workshop Rules

Workshop Rules

The Woodworking Club maintains and enforces Workshop Rules to make sure that using our facilities is a safe and enjoyable experience to all our members.

We may amend these rules from time to time without prior notice. We reserve the right to terminate your Membership immediately if you do not abide by these Workshop Rules. We hope that you understand.

As a Member of The Woodworking Club you agree that you will:

  1. Book and use the space in line with the inclusions in your membership type/level
  2. Cancel your booking if you are not going to use it. This way the slot can be available to others.
  3. Clean the equipment and workspaces after you have used them. The principle is ‘leave it as clean, if not cleaner, than you found it’.
  4. Return equipment and tools to their place after use. Treat tools and equipment with care.
  5. Not take any tools, equipment or materials (other than those owned by you) out of the workshop.
  6. Wear suitable clothing and footwear when in the workshop (bare feet, flip-flops, or a bare torso are considered unsuitable). Any member not wearing suitable attire may be asked to leave the workshop at the discretion of the workshop manager. Also, it is forbidden to wear jewellery or untied long hair when using power tools.
  7. Not carry food and/or drinks to the working areas. Food and drinks are not only allowed other than outside or designated areas, e.g. kitchen.
  8. Follow workshop manager’s instructions and directions.
  9. Not bring in neither work with anyone who is not a member of The Woodworking Club. Pets are also not allowed in the workshop.
  10. Not bring tools or materials into the workshop without prior consent by The Woodworking Club.
  11. Not take photographs or videos on the premises or post remarks or imagery to the internet that could identify another Member.
  12. Use the workshop on a part-time, hobby-like, personal basis. Professional, commercial, or similar use is not allowed. This includes among other things, production, teaching, photography, (social) media/advertising.
  13. Not use the workshop whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, tranquilizers or make use of any other medical substance which may affect your ability to use the workshop and its equipment safely. The Woodworking Club reserves the right to remove you from the premises if it reasonably believes you are unfit to use the facilities.
  14. Not smoke in the workshop, including outside areas
  15. Leave the premises before closing time.
  16. Not use, block, or interfere with fire, emergency or disabled access doors or alarms (except in a genuine emergency).
  17. Use the booking system available on to book your space and stick to your booked times so we can ensure everyone has fair access to the space
  18. Not share your membership with anyone else. Memberships are personal and cannot be used by anyone else other than the named member.
  19. Not behave in an aggressive, abusive, intimidating, anti-social or threatening manner or in a way that might cause distress to staff or Members.
  20. Not discriminate, harass, or engage in unwanted physical or verbal contact with another member or member of staff.
  21. Maintain a record of your membership that can be shown to a member of staff should it be requested.
  22. Keep bags, equipment, tools and any other items away from walking areas and entrances so that they do not become work place hazards.
  23. Not engage in any type of criminal behaviour whilst on our premises.
  24. Not attend the workshop, if you are unwell, symptomatic or have tested positive for coronavirus.
  25. Follow social distancing, use of masks, hand sanitiser and any other applicable rules as directed by relevant authorities and The Woodworking Club.

Thank you for helping us make The Woodworking Club a safe, respectful, and productive community!