Universal super glue 30 ml thick


Universal super glue 30 ml thick

This super glue has extremely high tensile and shear strength. It is excellent for use on wooden blanks (wet and dry, end-grain and cross-cut wood), gluing cracks or joining different materials. The glue is generally suitable for any craft. It is available in a thin (drying time 2-5 seconds) or thick (drying time 15-30 seconds) options.


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Universal cyanoacrylate (CA) glue, aka superglue, it is the only glue that is distilled three times and is therefore superior to all others in terms of purity. Thanks to this purity, its adhesive power is unsurpassed.

Unstick-It is recommended as an accessory to remove the glue. It is also suitable for removing glue from the skin.

The accelerator helps shorten the drying time even further. It is particularly suitable for applications where the adhesive must be applied thickly.

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Super glue


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