PIHER Light Pal clamp, 30 cm


PIHER Light Pal clamp, 30 cm

The PIHER Light PAL is a unique quick release clamp that works 6 times faster than traditional screw clamps. It is also very lightweight that it is easy to carry around; yet can apply a whole 120 kg which is more than enough for typical glueing operations. The protective caps ensure your work piece in never damaged when clamping.

Its unique design with a steel pin and 2 steel break plates, ensures a very long life for clamps the will end up being used every day in the workshop.


Key features

  • Nylon and fibreglass jaws.
  • Zinc coated 20×5 mm bar
  • Two brake plates made of steel
  • TPR Protection caps in both jaws. Oil-free, stain-free protections


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Additional information

Weight0.55 kg



30 cm