Nakaya Kataba Saw 250 mm


Nakaya Kataba Saw 250 mm

Nakaya is one of the most respected saw makers in Japan. Kataba saws have a single cross-cutting edge with no back or metal spine allowing you to make deeper cuts than Dozukis or Ryobas do. These tend to be the third Japanese saw woodworkers acquire, after a Dozuki and a Ryoba.

  • Blade length: 250 mm
  • Blade thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Teeth pitch: 1.36 mm (18 tpi)


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Replacement blade for Nakaya Kataba Saw 250 mm
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Katabas are excellent at making deep or long cross cuts where Ryobas with their rip teeth on the opposite side of the blade can cause damage. A Kataba saw, with only one cutting edge and no support back solves this problem. The other common usage of the Kataba saw is flush-cutting, which should be done by using a sheet of paper or blue tape to protect the work piece.

Additional information

Product type

Japanese saw


250 mm

Blade tickness

0.5 mm


1.36 mm (18 tpi)


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