Mahogany timber (Mahogni)

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Mahogany timber

From the West and Central regions in Africa, this Mahogany of the Sipo type has an nice reddish brown colour that is distinctive of mahogany. It is a long-lasting wood that is widely used for furniture making.

The boards are rough sawn. This means they are not planed. They are perfect for woodworking projects where you start from rough wood where you might still need to dimension to smaller parts (including re-sawing), whilst avoiding the added cost of having it pre-planed. Wood being wood, every plank will be different, but all wood is of joinery level quality.

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20 60

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Sipo Mahogany

Average width

15 cm


2.6 cm


50 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 220 cm


640 Kg / m3