KREG® Precision Router Table Insert Plate (undrilled)


KREG® Precision Router Table Insert Plate (undrilled)

The KREG precision router table plate is a solid, flat, and perfectly level mounting surface that can be fitted to an existing worktable. This makes it a very cost-effective.

The plate, which is the same type included in the KREG Router Table, is equipped with the KREG Level-Loc reducing rings that allow you to easily change the size of the opening around the router bit. These rings simply twist into place using an included ring wrench to lock in level and flush with the plate surface. The plate comes with three Level-Loc Rings: 25mm, 30mm for use with universal-style guide bushings, and 67mm.

This plate comes without any predrilled mounting holes. This makes it usable with virtually any router. Alignment marks engraved on the underside make it easy to centre and mount any router using the detailed instructions that are included with the plate.

Key features

  • Accepts Almost any router with ease
  • Measurements 235mm x 298mm
  • Phenolic Insert Plate (super flat and solid material) of 9.5mm thickness
  • Does not come with plate levellers


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Additional information

Weight1.36 kg
Dimensions30 × 24 cm