KREG Portable Crosscut



KREG Portable Crosscut

The KREG® Portable Crosscut square allows for quick and precise cuts using any circular or jig saws. It is designed for easy positioning on the wood piece with its long fence and rubberised base – this ensuring there is no movement once the cut is started.

The square has a ledge to for the saw to sit on, ensuring the saw is well supported from the start. The KREG® Portable Crosscut , as its name implies is very portable, as well as rugged and easy to store.

Key features

  • Aids precise and quick cuts at 90 and 45 degree angles
  • GripMaxx rubberised base helps keep the square in place at all times
  • Can be use on both sides, supporting both right and left-handed work
  • Weight: 1.13 Kg


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To see how KREG Portable Crosscut in action, see the video below:

Additional information

Weight1,13 kg