KREG Crosscut Station


KREG Crosscut Station

The KREG Crosscut Station turns your circular saw into a mitre saw thus extending its versatility. With a capacity to cut boards of up to 300mm, it can cut wider boards than most mitre saws can.

When using the included mitre fence, it enables accurate cuts at any angle from 0 to 45 degrees. The integrated clamps helps keeping material in place for both accuracy and safety. The MDF base and fences ensure flatness, squareness and help eliminate back splintering which often occurs with mitre saws. The kerf on the MDF base shows exactly where the saw blade will cut, aiding accuracy.

The integrated support wings help support longer pieces, further improving accuracy and safety.

The crosscut station is portable and is compatible with virtually any circular saw thanks to its adjustable rails.

Key features

  • Weight: 3.62 Kg
  • Adjustable fence for mitre cuts
  • Cutting capacity: up to 300mm at 90°
  • MDF base also functions as a kerf line to clearly show the blade’s path
  • Included support wings and the detachable blocks to cut long boards safely
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy storage and portability


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Weight3.62 kg