European maple timber (Ahorn)

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European Maple timber (Ahorn)

From Central and Southern Europe, the timber has a whitish tone that tends to turn yellowish with exposure to light. It is easy to work with as it planes nicely (although sometimes it comes with some curls), and sands and glues fine. It is popular for box and cabinet making as well as for musical instruments and woodturning.

The boards are rough sawn. This means timber still needs planing. It is best for woodworking projects where you start from rough timber and you might still need to dimension to smaller parts (including re-sawing), whilst avoiding the added price of having it pre-planed. Two pieces of wood are never the same – every board will be different, but all wood is of joinery level quality.

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28 80

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European Maple (Ahorn)


2.6 cm

Average width

25 cm


50cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 220 cm


590 Kg / m3